Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Baptism of Love

I've spoken several times about having an experience of Sanctification.  I haven't really elaborated on this nor have I given my own experience as of yet, but this is something very real that can ONLY take place AFTER being genuinely converted or saved.  I'm going to quote out of a book entitled, "The Lure of Divine Love" by Katherine Helm. This chapter says so much about this wonderful experience that God has promised to those who put all their trust in Him. The name of the chapter is:

A Baptism of Love  (1929)
"During one of those times of prostrations that have been frequent all through my life, one great wave after another of irresistible longing rolled over me, just to look into the face of my beloved Master, whose presence had been so real to me for years.  It seemed most reasonable that there could be but little, if any, value to my Lord in continuing to abide in this tenement of clay.
The birdlings from the home nest had flown, and the nest had been broken down; what had seemed to be my life work was closing up, and I just let my heart go out in deep desire till I lay with alert yet restful anticipation, listening for the blessed voice that I knew so well to say, "Come."  But instead, the heavens opened; and in the following verses I have tried to express something of the answer.
I have never been the same person since, for there was reflected into my very being such an overwhelming love for souls that I did not know what to do with it;  it was like billows of flame within me, with little outlet.  I longed to lay hold on every person I saw across the street, on the cars, everywhere, and tell them how Jesus loved them.  Handicapped as my life has been, this love has never left me, but has increased in volume, and has pushed me out into every avenue within reach to help souls to "behold such love."
As I lay so near the crossing
Of the line of worlds again,
such desire to be with Jesus
Unvoiced by word or pen.

And I reasoned with my Savior,
For my loved ones 'twould be best,
As I seemed no longer needed,
And I longed to be at rest.

I was homesick, oh! so homesick,
Just to see His blessed face,
Beyond this earthly veiling,
This God of wondrous grace.
My yearning reached to heaven,
I knew my cry was heard,
And I watched to see His coming
Or hear Him speak the word.

But the starry veil just parted,
And there within my sight
Were those pearly white domes of heaven,
That city of love and light.
And out on the open portal
Before my wondering gaze
Was the form of the One I so loved
And a chariot all ablaze.

One foot was placed upon it
As if in a moment more
He would leave those portals of glory
For my soul on this storm-beat shore.
And His eyes just pierced clear through me,
Those eyes of love and might,
As I lay transparent before Him
enraptured with the sight.

With a holy awe transported
As I looked into His face
(For my heart was pure and spotless
All through atoning grace).
Then He turned and looked down over
Those battlements of light,
Toward the earth as it rolled beneath Him,
Enwrapped in sin's dark night.

Oh! the volumes all unspoken,
That I read in that face Divine,
Undying love---compassion--
For the lost in this world of time.
And He saw a soul, yea, many,
By me He might reach through,
And draw them to God and heaven,
If to Him I would be true.

Endure, and wait, and suffer,
Till His appointed time;
And gladly my spirit responded,
'My Lord, Thy will, not mine.'
'Twas thus my cry was answered,
I saw that blessed face,
And deep in my soul was reflected
His love for this lost race.

Years since then have been added,
Most blessed fruitful years
Of sowing beside all waters,
With prayerful love and tears;
For His love that was then imparted,
Flowing out through this heart of mine,
Longs to draw every soul to the Savior
To behold such love Divine.

'Tis the goodness of God, remember,
That leads men to repent
And yield up their lives to their Sovereign,
Who for them to Calvary went.
And His love is still unchanging
(Oh! I saw it in His face)
As when on the cross He suffered,
To redeem this sin-bound race.

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Absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!! It helped me!